Welcome to our Temple City Family!

Hello Kitty welcoming new dental patients in patient lobby at Sanrio Friends dental officeThank you for taking the first step to a beautiful, healthy smile!

Your smile experts are thrilled to welcome you to your Sanrio Friends dental office here in Temple City.

Our top dental team of cosmetic dentist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon is committed to taking care of you every step of the way together.

What is Next For Me?

Adult Patient Visit to Hello KittyWe are hard at work finding the next best availability for your first visit to our world’s only Hello Kitty dentistry in Temple City.

After you complete the online appointment request, our Treatment Coordinator will contact your shortly within a few days.

With help with Gudetama, our patients love to book their visit months in advance to fit their busy lifestyle. During the call, we will confirm your appointment date and time.

If you prefer to chat with us over the phone, please call your dental team at Temple City at 626-247-4788.

What Dental Services Do I Need?

Doctor Showing Signs of Gum DiseaseEvery patient has different dental needs, but a Smile Makeover journey is for everyone!

Your general dentist will conduct a comprehensive exam of your dental health at your first visit. 

We will recommend dental services that are specific to your dental condition. 

Here are our dental specialties for comprehensive dental care: 

If you are seeking dental specialty, please do not hesitate to inform our Treatment Coordinator over the phone to find the best specialist consultation for your visit!

For more than one specialty, you may submit another online request as needed!

World-Class Smile Experts

Cosmetic dentist and pediatric dentist at patient lobby of Hello Kitty dental officeOur top dentists and smile experts are ready to collaborate together to design your smile with you!

We believe you deserve a smile you can be proud of. All our dentists and dental specialists are at your fingertip for comprehensive dental care here at Parklane Dental.

You can be sure all our dental specialty teams work hand in hand to personalize your smile journey.

That means when you come here for Smile Makeover, our cosmetic dentists will consult our orthodontist, oral surgeon, and pediatric dentist to craft the best smile journey for you.

Meet Your Doctors!

Ready For Your First Visit?

Hey, we understand you are excited to see your new dental team here at Parklane Dental! 

For a stress-free visit to our dental centers, we encourage our patients to take a moment to prepare your visit.

If you have insurance information or x-rays from a previous dentist, it is best to arrange the documents to bring to our dentist.

You may e-mail your documents and information to your Treatment Coordinator at Arcadia at [email protected]

Don’t forget to review our handy guide and tips for your first visit!

Prepare For Your Visit


Cosmetic dentist with adult dental patient about smile makeover consultationWe are committed to taking care of your smile for a comfortable experience you can relax in!

Your smile experts and dentist can answer personal and dental questions at your visit.

If you have general questions about your visit, we’d love to take care of you and address your concerns!

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