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Dr. Eric To

Before and After Photos

Below here are a few of our cases from our patients who are satisfied with the smile they got! After consulting Dr. To and receiving all the treatment information including alternatives, these patients have selected the Veneers option both to fix chippings and malformations, and to brighten their smiles. The picture on the left is the pre-treatment condition, and the photo on the right is the dental result. If you have any questions about veneer or whitening options, call us at 626.445.3388 to schedule an appointment!

9 Units Veneers

Before                                                               After


8 unit Veneers

BEFORE                                                                AFTER
After After

6 unit Veneers

BEFORE                                                                   AFTER
6 Unit Veneers After 6 Unit Veneers Before

10 unit Veneers

BEFORE                                                                   AFTER
10 Unit Veneers Before 10 Unit Veneers After