Take-home whitening: $99.00

Due to popular demand, Parklane Dental is thrilled to bring back our special event for a whitening treatment. This special treatment allows patients the convenience of deciding when you want to undergo whitening in the comfort of your home.

Parklane Dental is offering this exclusive promotion for all patients. The process takes two visits: one to create a personalized whitening tray, and second to pickup your new tray.In keeping with our philosophy of bringing beautiful smiles at convenient plans, 我々は提供しています $99.00 for this special promotion on Take-Home Whitening Treatment

This special offer is available at both our locations in アルカディア, CA そして 寺市, CA. で、私たちのオフィスにお電話ください 626.448.3388 または 626.247.4788 あなたの無料相談を予約します!