Dental de emergencia y atención de urgencia dental

Your health and safety is our top concern, so do not hesitate to call us regarding your dental concerns. The Parklane Dental team is available on-call for patients needing urgent dental care. Give us a call to our Arcadia location at 626.445.3388 y al Temple City at 626.247.4788.

FAQ on Dental Emergency and Urgent Dental Care

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?
Llamanos – we are on the line to take care of you! We will walk you through your concerns, and our dental team is available if you need immediate dental treatment. If you need to speak with a doctor, Parklane Dental can schedule an online TeleDentistry consultation with Dr. Eric To so you can remotely ask your questions while staying safer at home!

What is urgent dental care or a dental emergency?
If you have any following concern, call us immediately to take care of your emergency. If you are unsure, Dr. To is available to answer your question.

  • painful swelling in or around your mouth
  • pain in a tooth, dientes, or jaw bone
  • issues with a temporary crown
  • broken or knocked-out teeth
  • gum infection or bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • snipping or adjusting braces wire that hurt you
I’m not sure if this pain is an emergency?
Give us a call and describe your situation as every patient’s case is different. The area of the pain and the type (sharp vs dull) can tell us more about your pain. We’ll gladly answer your questions during the call, and our dental team will take care of you for any emergency appointment.

Is this condition or symptom I have a dental emergency?
We understand that patients sometimes feel unsure of severity before going to see a dentist. Go ahead and give us a call, and we will help you with your dental concerns and guide you to the proper dental care. Our dental team will available to take care of urgent dental care if you need an emergency appointment.

What happens after I call?
After hearing and evaluating the situation, our Treatment Coordinator or Dr. To will help you address immediate symptoms. If your situation requires dental care at our office, our dental team is available on standby and our Treatment Coordinator will schedule an emergency visit.

Will there be a dental team to take care of me?
Your health is still our concern. Parklane Dental will still have dental team members on standby if you need to come to our office. sin embargo, all our locations will be closed.

When are emergency appointments available?
Give us a call and we’ll work with you to find the best time! Our dental team will prepare the office for your visit.