Meet Dr.. Betty Hsi

Hola! Dr. Elizabeth Hsi se complace en unirse a Parklane Dental como dentista general! Ella se esfuerza por proporcionar la mejor atención dental personal que pueda para sus pacientes., y a menudo ella prefiere ir con el Dr.. Betty! 

Se puede adivinar el Dr.. Betty’s favorite Favorite Friend at Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental in Temple City, California?


Dr. Betty graduated from Boston University School of Dentistry and then completed a general practice residency at a clinical hospital, where she received advanced training in general dentistry, which added emphasis in patient care through regular dentalhygiene care and compositerestoration for a natural teeth look

While undering residency in New York City at the Luthern Medical Center, she encountered too many patients who are in need of dental education in cavity prevention. She stresses the importance of preventive care and is passionate about helping patients learning proper dental hygiene etiquette. One of her focus is helping patients understand the importance of flossing!


When not at work, Dr. Betty loves volunteering with the community in San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles! She is an active member of the dental association, where she participates and engages prospective dental students and help them on their journey.

When she finally finds some time to relax, she enjoys spending time to travel around the world and to learn about new food and cultures. Her favorite Sanrio Friend? It’s Badtz-Maru!

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